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In 2020, when we first had the idea of hauling vehicles for customers in Florida and the Southeastern U.S., we never dreamed that we would go beyond that of a “hot shot” service using an F350 4×4 dually and a small capacity trailer. It wasn’t long before the “Logical Logistics” and personalized service we established resulted in requests to do hauling in the northeast as well. With all those hotel bills, it became obvious that a sleeper cab was a necessity, so we obtained a 2018 Peterbilt and 7-car hauler trailer. We were then able to service customers all along the eastern seaboard.

With Josh being on the road so much, in 2021, his wife, Melissa, decided to get her CDL and join him! They sold their Florida home and essentially began living in the Peterbilt – along with their 4 dogs!

Keeping up with the demand of hauling vehicles, especially with Homebound Hauling’s Plant-to-Railyard Transportation service, it became obvious that this team driving situation would be more efficient with two car-haulers, so we began looking for a 10-car hauler. In May, 2022, we found a 2016 Peterbilt that fit the bill and put it in service the second week of June. With the two trucks, we can now haul between 14 and 17 vehicles on each load, depending on make and model.

Our current typical route is to haul Ford Explores and Aviators from the Chicago assembly plant to the railyard or to/from auxiliary lots, but we are happy to discuss any other shuttle route or full-load dealership delivery that your trucking company might need.

We have no doubt that we’ll be looking at expanding again before long thanks to the loyalty that our customers have shown us and the intense demand for reliable and efficient owner-operators. Of course, at that point we’ll have to hire drivers as Josh and Melissa can’t drive more than two! Shame we can’t train the dogs, right?

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our shuttle and other vehicle delivery services. We look forward to showing you what makes us different!